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Happy New Year 2015

From the team of DZB, We wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. 2014 was a very good start for us and we wish to carry forward the same in this year. We thank you all for your support and we are working as always you take you by surprise. In this happy moment, I would like to ... Read More »

Dead Trigger v1.8.2 [Unlimited Cash and Gold MOD]

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is the first game in the Dead Trigger franchise. The game mainly revolves around zombies capsizing the earth. A recent disease has caused a huge downfall in the population of Earth and the remaining people get affected by vampiric hunger to hunt and kill each other of their race. This is a sensational and extreme FPS game for ... Read More »

CM7.2 for Y Duos

CM7.2 Y Duos

As you wish – DZB team done it….. CM7.2 for Y Duos Not working: GPS Screenshots in some apps Dual SIM Working: All except above… 😉 Download: HERE Mirror HERE Procedure: boot into CWM recovery; format /system, /cache, /data; mount /system, /cache, /data; install rom; reboot and wait – it can take up to 10 min 1st time; enjoy There ... Read More »

Progress of CM11 on S6102 Duos gone totally out of control! ;)


Progress is moving so fast that I have not even time for posting! Okay, this time I will be quick…  😉 I think we got very good progress on latest build. On last build we got: wi-fi; sound (partially like on cm9); kernel; cwm 6; graphics acceleration (almost fully working); and more; I am planning to fix very soon: sensors ... Read More »

CM11 and S6102? Is this possible?!

CM11 S6102?

Team DZB started something new again! Team DZB has started work on CM11 kernel for S6102! 😎 This will take a lot of time, but we wont stop till we will get it! As you all may know – CM11 has been booted on S5360. We will try to boot it on S6102 Duos too! Project is in early alpha ... Read More »

zombie kernel for galaxy y duos[29/4/14]

ZOMBIE KERNEL  ******************************************* for samsung galaxy y duos[GT-S6102] ==================================== Features of zombie kernel lite swap zRAM ext 2,3 supported init.d supported NTFS supported 6 CPU frequency 7 CPU governors 5 i/o governors insecured ramdisk zombie girl pic Procedure of installation lite flash cwm [use the provide version only] remember to mount everything at every step flash zombie kernel  reboot ****************************************************** Features ... Read More »

Little Blue Bird [2.3.7] For SGYD [29/4/12]

Little Blue Bird 2.3.7 dual sim rom for galaxy y duos from team DZB its a little step taken from 2.3.6 ROM features Android 2.3.7 Dual sim supported Pre Rooted aosp How to install flash cwm Install zombie kernel use pro or lite [Recomended] format system clear data and cache mount everything flash AOSP_2.3.7_beta1.zip clear data and cache again reboot wait for ... Read More »

[Game] BloodLand Armv6

BloodLand – Armv6 compatible Hey! “Do you want that only zombies surround you? There is no cure, only you and your weapon. You need to find a way to survive in this world.” If Yes, you had reach the right place. Not only this, if you want all these things to happen in your armv6 devices, then download this game ... Read More »

[Game] Rescue Team Armv6 (Free)

Rescue Team Armv6 v1.0.5  Download this cool android rescue helicopter game for armv6 devices. This game is quoted to be “One of the best helicopter games for android” by its makers.But, on seeing a few rates and reviews we are not sure about the fact. Yet this game is playable/enjoyable if you want the games which eat less of your ... Read More »

Extreme Demolition Armv6 (Free)

EXTREME DEMOLITION FOR ARMV6 (No, we are not kidding :)) Play this awesome derby game in your devices by just downloading it from our blog. This game was not meant for the “low-end” devices at all, this has been stated by its makers, ‘cableek games’ : “This game need high performance. Only dual core smartphones are recommended. If you can’t ... Read More »