Tuesday , 17 July 2018
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CynogenMod-13 review

Hmm CM13 still in experimental phase so its too early for a review but still i am doing it cause we know how it’s gonna be 

starting with the new things i saw 

  • Press power button twice for camera – it saves more time compared to CM 12.1 press power button than slide on camera shortcut so +1
  •  same a AOSP 6.0or MM  two default themes but it can be done on CM12.1 with themer so not much cool


  • Edit tiles directly from status bar well that’s new and nice saves time so +1
  • now the tiles don’t scroll vertically they scroll horizontally so it might be positive for some and negative for some cannot decide

Screenshot_20151203-142627 Screenshot_20151203-142601

  • multi tasking – so now with the introduction of multi window into CM13 which was also their in AOSP 6.0 MM but can be only turned on by editing a line in build prop and in CM13 it can be turned on via developers options so +0.5 

Screenshot_20151203-143408 Screenshot_20151203-143358

  • missing stuff
    • they converted status bar editor to system UI tuner which can be turned on in AOSP by holding the Settings gear icon for long but more options than aosp are given so not much a change
    • lock screen pattern grid only limited to 3*3 missing 4*4 and other options

Screenshot_20151203-142957 Screenshot_20151203-143014

  • game is now easy to play if i can score 2
  • battery optimisation also similar to AOSP

Screenshot_20151203-144107 Screenshot_20151203-142819

so my felling is CM13 is much more worse than CM12.1 as it lacks that expected with CM , i mean is that CM is branded as a cyborg if AOSP is a human so CM13 needs to much more than AOSP

Most of the stuff in CM13 was same as CM12.1 excluding those mentioned above but also its almost AOSP with a CM themer and everything AOSP now have even the privacy settings but according to NEWS CMOS13 will have a live lockscreen which i did not have my hands on but its the ultimate thing i feel when  i saw its features but it was missing in CM13 

SO my final feel is it is what CM12.1 should have been i am wating for further builds to see if they are still changing and adding the element that cyanogen have clean , secure , customizable , full of tweaks and features and still fast and cyborg version of AOSP <don’t blame for that comparison i was watching terminator a night before>  

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