Monday , 18 June 2018
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cm 11 beta -3 released

CM11 BETA -3


new build –…

A Request to all users just dont ask ETA

and if you want to help test it AND REPORT BUGS AND LOGS ON FORUM

known bugs

zombie camera (green patches in camera)

no incomming calls

ril working

NOT tested

dual sim – may work








sorry no ss cause its same as previous


thanks to WinKarbik ({ this man compiled cm11 this time }) a cool / silent dev at dzb


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  1. keep working on cm9 you almost finished just 3 bugs

  2. how can i install this rom !!!!!!

  3. to install it you
    need following – complains
    2.calm mind
    3.follow next few instructions
    install a older version of cm11 (you will find them on forum)
    then after you get cwm v6
    download this zip and flash it on cwm6 not cwm 5 or you get error7
    then wait and make a coffee or do some exercise as it will take long time to boot

  4. me too got the same eroor what is wrong….

  5. give me the link please….

  6. Link is in this post and on forum too
    If I remember I used a older cm11 and then flashed it above that

  7. i followed your steps carefully and downloaded the old and recent packages and the provided cwm6 but says insalltion error status 7

  8. ok finally installed it with the kernel on the forum in the first bage but there is no camera app and its slow than beta-4

  9. Is it over? There has been no progress for months!Galaxy y reached nightly and we are still in beta! Please continue your good work as we can reach stable.

  10. Man, I have been really hoping that I can get a stable cm11. Anyway where did you guys go?

    • its been long long time
      i appreciate the interest
      problems – cm11 requires 512mb ram to work properly and we had and have money problems
      so we had to stop doing it
      i can say sources are online modify them build them and we can help

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