Tuesday , 17 July 2018
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Dead Trigger v1.8.2 [Unlimited Cash and Gold MOD]

Dead Trigger is the first game in the Dead Trigger franchise. The game mainly revolves around zombies capsizing the earth. A recent disease has caused a huge downfall in the population of Earth and the remaining people get affected by vampiric hunger to hunt and kill each other of their race.

This is a sensational and extreme FPS game for Android which has been one of the most popular FPS games in Android. Originally created by Madfingers Studio, this game matches with Android just like Call of Duty with PC. This game is powered by Unity 3D.

With this package, one can enjoy unlimited cash, gold and casino tickets.


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Mediafire Link:-


Object File (Torrent): HERE

Similar procedure: copy the object file (one file in a single folder) to :/Android/Data/Obb. The object file is a torrent link which can be opened by uTorrent or BitComet:

Link for BitComet: HERE

Link for uTorrent: HERE

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