Tuesday , 17 July 2018
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CM11 beta -4 for galaxy y duos is out!

CM11 beta -4


How to install:

  • reboot to recovery;
  • install zombie kernel
  • format to ext 4 {check zombie kernel post}
  • reboot to recovery;
  • use attached CWM6;
  • mount all;
  • flash CM11.zip;
  • reboot to recovery;
  • flash CM11.zip 2nd time (this is needed because new file system is used!!);
  • reboot;
  • wait for 10-15 min;

CWM6 – here
ROM – here

CWM6 – here
ROM – here

This release doesn’t fix the ril bug – this release is for testing:

  • MTD driver;
  • new file system;
  • graphics;
  • and other bug fixes;

About Einārs V.

I am one of the DzB-Team members since we started to exist, forum administrator and program manager of internet radio station - one of crazy zombie brothers! ;)


  1. very good…. thank dev

  2. please heelp… my sgyd not installing others roms 2.3.6… format and mount cache is faile. this happened after installing cm11… please help.. not start with the official system (stock rom).

  3. This error is displayed in the recovery

    E:format_volume: rfs format failed on /dev/stl11

    solution please

  4. Sir i was use CWM6 and when i try to install cm11 there writed
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    can u help me with it sir?

  5. is dual sim working??

  6. (Status 7)
    Installation aborted. …. plss help …

  7. i had same error. i don’t think problem in corrupt file. cm11 (kitkat) require cwm or later. but your cwm is
    if problem in corrupt file, can you post hash value? and which kernel are you using?

    • i installed it
      dzb team installed it
      just follow steps
      if you have questions or wanna help use forum – forum.dzb-team.tk
      queries are not solved here

    • no you are wrong

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  8. young s6102
    tried to install cm11, formatted partitions in ext4 (by flashing ext4_formatter.zip), ok ive got cm11, nice, i dont need it :D, then using odin easily install stock firmware (using torino_1205.pit and S6102XELAA firmware) and all just fine… but when i trying to install cm9 through CWM it fails to format and mount the partitions:
    -format / system
    formatting / system
    -mount / system
    error mounting / system!
    same sht with other partitions (/ system / cache / date)
    Need help, please!
    Sorry for bad english ;(

    • Try it,
      reboot to stock recovery
      wipe cache
      wipe data
      then reboot

      • nope, it didnt helpd. i wiped /data and /cache throught stock recovery, than boot into CWM’s “mount and storage” menu and the /data partition is unmounted… and i can format it, but when i try to mount the partition i got “Error mounting /data”.
        and yes, when i install cm9 with cwm, and reboot device i got freezed samsung galaxy Y logo. %( and only with odin i can get back to stock.

        • “if you have questions or wanna help use forum – forum.dzb-team.tk
          queries are not solved here

          What’s wrong with you all? Owner of blog said that he will not solve your problems here! Can’t you understand that?

  9. Plz…. Add Resumble link…… Like mediafire, 4shared

  10. i need CM 9 with mic and headset fixed

  11. downlload links are not working plz fix them

  12. are you people continuing works on y duos espiceally CM 9 & 11?

  13. soon cm11 beta -2 will be released and beta -3 was not released due to more unstable than beta -4
    our developer winkarbik is working on it rest of developers are very busy due to load of work on them
    i am happy to see that sgyd is still aive but its a dead device so i prefer to call it a zombie

  14. how can i format to ext4

  15. does calling work i mean mic and speaker loud or hear or headsets

  16. Hey,

    first of all great thanks for all of your efforts in creating this CM 11 release. It’s wonderful to see how hacking (and i don’t mean cracking!) drives a community and makes people happy. ^_^

    I’ve flashed my GT-S6102 to it successfully and it’s working really nice. Before finding this ROM at the XDA-Developers Forum, i used another custom ROM based on Samsung’s original ROM which was stuck on Android 2.3.6. Now Kitkat is powering my device. =)

    I expected encryption of CM 11 to secure my data e.g. in the event of losing the phone. As i tried to do that through the menu, nothing really happens. Only the background image of the encryption process is shown, but no progress bar or any other text and you can go back by pressing back or holding home button. So i called the encryption command directly in a terminal:

    /system/bin/vdc cryptfs enablecrypto inplace PASSWORD

    This returns “200 0 -1” and again no encryption is happening. What is the matter?

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