Tuesday , 17 July 2018
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CM7.2 for Y Duos

As you wish – DZB team done it…..

CM7.2 for Y Duos

Not working:
Screenshots in some apps
Dual SIM

All except above… 😉




  • boot into CWM recovery;
  • format /system, /cache, /data;
  • mount /system, /cache, /data;
  • install rom;
  • reboot and wait – it can take up to 10 min 1st time;
  • enjoy

There is no planned updates on this CM7.2 Rom, don’t ask for eta’s!

About Einārs V.

I am one of the DzB-Team members since we started to exist, forum administrator and program manager of internet radio station - one of crazy zombie brothers! ;)


  1. Yay! Finally a stable CM 7.2 for our Duos, Thanks guys!

  2. For some reason INIT.D is not working. I’m trying to create a mount script for my sd-ext partition through Link2SD but it isn’t working. Do you guys know what could be the problem? I’ve tried a lot of stuff already but nothing worked…

    • this rom have zombie kernel
      so you dont requir link2sd
      use manual method in zombie kernel told to increse internel

  3. Init.d is working…. Problem could be that there is no folder where link2sd wants to mount sd-ext partition… Use other script or create your own – it’s very easy to mount sd-ext….
    Did you checked that sd-ext is not already auto mounted with command “df” on terminal? (without quotes)

  4. Woahh this is great, it’s far better than the other cm7 rom.. the lockscreen gesture working, and others good stuffs too. but dude, where’s google market? should i install it by myself?

  5. and one more thing. i heard that you guys have make zombie kernel to support overclocking to 1.2ghz.. is it true?? may i tried it?

    • Seems overclocking doesn’t affect cpu performance at all – it even decreases it in some steps… But I am making new Z4 which will have advanced voltage control… This kernel should improve battery life and solve brightness bug almost fully….

    • 1.2 we might make it if it gave better performance but maybe z6 or z5 or z7

  6. about this rom: why would you remove google from it? i mean, what is android without google services?

    • their are many android phones without google services
      like nokia x
      soon comming samsung tizen os ( based on android )

  7. never mind about my last comment. didn’t see ur reply early.

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