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zombie kernel for galaxy y duos[29/4/14]



for samsung galaxy y duos[GT-S6102]


Features of zombie kernel lite

  1. swap
  2. zRAM
  3. ext 2,3 supported
  4. init.d supported
  5. NTFS supported
  6. 6 CPU frequency
  7. 7 CPU governors
  8. 5 i/o governors
  9. insecured ramdisk
  10. zombie girl pic

Procedure of installation lite

  1. flash cwm [use the provide version only]
  2. remember to mount everything at every step
  3. flash zombie kernel 
  4. reboot


    Features of zombie kernel pro

    1. same as that of lite
    2. auto mounts second partition-link2sd or scripts not needed to increase internal
    3. ext 4 supported

    Procedure of installation pro

    1. flash cwm [use the provide version only]
    2. remember to mount everything at every step
    3. flash zombie kernel 
    4. reboot
      Procedure of installation for pro using ext 4
      1. flash cwm [use the provide version only]
      2. remember to mount everything at every step
      3. flash zombie kernel 
      4. reboot recovery
      5. backup rom via cwm
      6. now flash ext4 formatter 
      7. now restore rom 
      8. boot – to check ext4 type in terminal “mount” <without quotes>

      Procedure of using second partition

        1. first thing memory card should have second partition 
        2. if its not their then make one using CWM [make backup of sd before partitioning sd]
        3. then use rootexplorer or its equivalent
        4. you will see /sdext2 in the root explorer [if its their then go to step 5]
        5. go to /data and find folders /data/davliccache and data/app and /data/data
        6. you can skip /data/data if your memory card is of lower class and save i/o on sdcard 
        7. now copy those folders /data/app /data/davliccache and /data/data to /sdext2
        8. now  select folders one by one in sdext2 and select option link this to or make a link and go to /data and delete the folder you are making link of and link it and repeat the steps
        9. soon picture tutorial will be avaliable 

            Team Member [working on kernel]

              1. xeon zolt                        
              2. mr. india
              3. wawan


                  if you do any mistake your device will be brick and only odin can help 

                  it is hardwork of our so do not blog it anywhere else if you want to do so take permission

                  About Xeon Zolt


                  1. I still think you guys should be posting these stuff on XDA. Much more people would see your work, and also use all of it.

                    If you want to make money, just create a PayPal account so people can donate. It won’t be much, but it sure will be more than these Link Generators you guys use.

                    Also, why don’t you guys create a Kernel with CM9 support, instead of using that old kernel made by that guy on 4pda? You could also add that temporary CWM by BroadcomCM.

                    • Thanks!

                      We are working already on CM9 kernel…. Progress – it booted, we have some strange problem with bluetooth… About CWM – I am thinking about it, maybe in future we will add it. (h)

                      We actually had donation button on xda – no results from that….. [-( The problem is money, we need it badly – CM9 building machine is eating a lot of electricity, internet provider gives bills, need very much coffe and all other things…. (c)

                      Sorry, but now we are not interested to solve any problems with XDa, maybe in future! 😎

                    • Cool! I’ll be waiting for that kernel. Thinking of adding some governors maybe?

                      That’s okay. People can find everything they want in here. Also, there’s already some links on XDA that can bring them here anyway…

                      And of course, good luck with everything. I seriously hope you guys don’t split up or leave your projects like everyone else did so far while working on our Duos. 🙂

                    • We already added 7 CPU governors and 6 CPU frequencies for CM9 kernel too! (h) Still hunting bluetooth….
                      We are not leaving our projects, but I need to study – exams soon…. After that we will work on full speed! :d

                    • We are searching for people little above noob or dev to joun dzb and work wirh us on our
                      projects as many joined us and left

                    • is zombie kernel lite booting up?


                    • it boots and tested on blue bird and xdv

                  2. I have a query wen i flash zombie kernel pro i donot see a folder /sdext2 in the root explorer

                  3. link2sd doesn’t work…how to make it work?

                  4. Hi. After flash my touch become unresponsive, in EVERY ROM.
                    My device is GT-S6102B.

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