Tuesday , 17 July 2018
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Xperia Z1 – Enable Pen Mode – Any pen or pencil works as stylus!

The following is our first post on the Xperia Z1 range mobile phones
And I have started this with ‘Xperia Z1’

AOKP introduced pen mode for Z1 and I could enable it on stock ROM!
Xperia Z Ultra can use the pen or pencil made of wood or metal as stylus. Z1’s screen also supports it and Sony disabled it for some reason. 🙁

But Don’t worry, here is the guide to “Enable Pen/Pencil mode in Xperia Z1

**Root is needed to enable this.**
How to Root Z1 Coming Soon… on Xeonzolt

To enable pen mode, there are three methods.

Though One of them is enough.

Procedure :

● Create init.d script in /system/etc/init.d (requires init.d support):

chown system:system /sys/devices/virtual/input/clearpad/pen
echo 1 > /sys/devices/virtual/input/clearpad/pen

● Add these lines at the bottom of /system/etc/hw_config.sh:

chown system:system /sys/devices/virtual/input/clearpad/pen
echo 1 > /sys/devices/virtual/input/clearpad/pen

● Use toggle app
We created pen mode enable/disable toggle app with Tasker.

Now you can use anything made of wood, metal or rubber.
I couldn’t use a plastic pen, though…

I recommend changing one value in /system/usr/idc/clearpad_pen.idc for more accuracy.

# Pressure
touch.pressure.scale = 0.2


# Pressure
touch.pressure.scale = 0.1

Works well for me.

Hey! Don’t feel jealous on seeing this wonderful piece of art 😛
Isn’t it better than “Mona-Lisa” 🙂

In /sys/devices/virtual/input/clearpad/,
there is “grove” but I could only show circle with pen and I couldn’t use with glove.


Q. Where to add the lines in hw_config.sh , at bottom ?
-> Yes, bottom is safe to add. 
Q. I tried in hw and in init.d, but it doesn’t work, also Clearpad doesn’t look like folder when i browse with root explorer it looks like file?
-> It causes problem when opened via Root Explorer
Clearpad folder looks like this:
Please try toggle app, this will change pen’s 0 to 1.

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