Thursday , 21 June 2018
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[ROM]CM9 for galaxy y duos(UPDATED ON – 20/4/14)

CM9 for galaxy y duos

Team DZB™ done it – we compiled CM9 from sources for GT-S6102 Duos!
We are releasing CM9 beta 3 for torino.
Please don’t re-upload our work on other sites or we will stop development on this device!
-compass{error in magnetic sensor reading}
-1 SIM only!{cannot be solved due to cm 9 limits}
-partial hw accleration {colors swapped in video and some live wallpapers dont work}
solved bugs
offline charging;
-IMEI; -autorotation;
-white screen bug;
-2g, 3g works;
-Audio Fix (partially working, no mic, no headset);
-HW Accel Fix (fully working, colours still swaped);
-UI resized;
-WiFi works;
-Bluetooth works;
-Google Play Store works (after installing Gapps of course);
download links
Tested Gapps (Google apps):
Github source: Here
installation method
  • boot to cwm recovery
  • then format system and data and cache
  • then mount everything {press mount /system, /data, /cache}
  • then flash rom
  • reboot phone
  • it will take long time to boot around 15 min
  • then you can flash Gapps
screenshots by mr.India

team DZB™ members:

* mr.India

* psych.half

* xeon zolt

* wawan

I am so perfect at sleeping, I can do it even with my eyes closed…

Thanks goes to:


dev at 4pda for making older versions


Old versions:

solved bugs

-sim connection is fixed
-autorotation is fixed
-wifi is working properly n data too
-whitescreen bug is fixed
-offline charging UI fixed Flash Fix Charging
-imei fix Flash this to solve imei: IMEI Fix
-Google Play Store Fix: Play Store Fix
-Audio Fix (partially working, no mic, no headset),
-HW Accel Fix (fully working, colours still swaped) Audio and HW Accel Fix

download links

With fixed calling and minor improvements new stable version Download

With lot of bugs and kernel with cm9 support Download

With oc and unstable kernel and bugs Download

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  1. Nice work brother…All the best… mits619@xda

  2. Thanks! We’re leaving xda – come here for updates! 😉

  3. Nice job! I’m so glad someone finally decided to work on this phone. Thank you guys!

    I’ll be checking this from now on. Question: will all updates be posted in this same post or you’ll create some other one?

  4. i’m looking forward for camera fix 😀

  5. i’m looking forward for camera fix :d

  6. sir, is the link broken?
    i cant download gps fix and gapp

  7. Guys, is it possible to fix microphone issue? Thanks

    • yea its possible [nothing is impossible as it says i…m….possible ]
      we partially fixed microphone just the problem its not fixed we get lot of disturbance in recorded voice by microphone
      sorry for late reply we are already working on 4 projects for sgyd and we are only 3-4 devs working on all projects even we have other work
      progress is slow but not nil problem is money and coffee

  8. ur colour swap problam is not fixed but u can see video without colour swap just use mx player nd use software decoder if it helps then something say to me……….

    • thanks for solution
      but sorry we alredy knew solution just forgot to mention it
      about bug – its due to hw lib which are ported have some bugs and we fixed them and will be in next version if you see in previous versions you cannot play video without mxplayer as hw accleration was not supported but its fixed a little in latest released version and will be fully fixed in next version

    • plz tell me from which link i should download m confused…..

    • jhakkas(fantastic) bro……keep it up i m hungry to use its stable version and i believe that u can do it…..

  9. I JUST WANT A COMPLETE STABLE CM9 ROM SO PLZ HELP ME … from which link i should download ….plz reply

  10. i see great devlopment for the forgotten duos,very cool.keep it up guys!!!!!

  11. one problam bro when i restore my backup of gingerbread through cwm then wifi is not working although wifi can search my router but can not be connected nd connection stop at “obtaining ip address from….”

    • first thing
      restore cwm on same kernel you made backup on to avoid problems
      cm 9 have its own kernel
      so first flash gb kernel you used while making backup then format system and clear data and cache after that restore if you are able to search wifi but not connect then its not due to cm9

  12. join zda to contribute or help in development :>)

  13. Is there any new version will release ?

    • new verion of cm9 beta4rc2 will release beta4 is ready but less stable than beta3
      also work on new kernel is going on
      zda-developers are working hard on cm9

      • ok. i’m waiting
        when it’s will release ?
        i have problem in play store when i download any thing it still stuck on downloading and i flashed GPS_Fix but still same thing

        • i don’t know if GPS_Fix mean Google play store or Google Location Service

        • playstore fix is provided in the post
          sorry cannot tell we are still working on it
          but as soon as the work finish we upload it

          • i already fix the problem by downloading Audio and HW Accel Fix i think it’s includes all fixes without gps fix
            thank you for your hard work waiting for next version 🙂

          • 1st this not place to discuss the development zda-developers is place to discuss it
            you can find its link in above tabs
            some fix are included in the beta3 version but not all mr.india[raw99] compiled it so he knows better he is currently busy in exams

  14. The rom Is verrh good but ihave problem with wifi when i open it and connect the phone reboot automatically and not stop rebooting why this happen

    • very strange problem – no one reported that before….
      let’s discuss it on dzb-developers!

    • which cm9 you use as i use beta3 and its not a problem with me
      phone reeboots when i am in application manager

      • I Know That it’s strange so i but it here
        the problem is when i open WiFi the phone is OK no problems but if i connect to my WiFi then the phone reboot automatically and not stop rebooting and if i turned off my router or speedy stopped WiFi from the phone the phone back normal and work
        other one when i call some one i cannot hear him neither he can hear what I’m saying
        and I’m looking forward for next updates hope it will be more stable
        Thanks Guys

        • About sound on call – check solved bugs: there is written “no mic, headset and speaker”…. That means no sound in outgoing calls….

          About WiFi – no one reported this before, seems something strange with your setup…. Have you tried to fully wipe and re-install cm9?

  15. I’m working now with Ace Duos kernel and CM11, I will be back after getting things running on Ace Duos too…

  16. no mic, no headset working in calls

  17. when are you guys fixing mic & receiver bugs?

  18. In your mail you said you are working on cm9&11 was that for y duos if yes then when ate you releasing it

    • As I said above – all CM development is paused for some time… We will release new Blue Bird, after that we will start to work on CM – we will release new test versions for CM9 and CM11.

  19. please!!! fix the mic and headset you are doing great work continue

  20. cm9 idea dropped

  21. why this…… keep going we need a new stable version im waiting for your reply

  22. can anyone help me with the download link?

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