Tuesday , 17 July 2018
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Lenovo K900 Camera App for Android Devices

Lets start with our first post for Lenovo K900. Though this is not an Android Development Tutorial, an app exclusively for the Device. Yet it is a useful one for other android devices owners.
Sorry K900 users 🙁  we will bring up a post for you soon.

Lenovo Camera App (4.0+)

Lenovo K900 is a new flagship from Lenovo. (you all know very well). Below is the camera app from Lenovo latest flagship model K900. This camera app is compatible with most of the android devices but decice must be on ICS or higher. The best part of this camera app is it takes best and sharp picture with less noise as well as its gallery which has great number of editing feature.
*The following screenshots have been taken from Xperia SP with stock 4.1 and the app is working fine.

Download Link (.APK) :-


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