Thursday , 21 June 2018
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HTC Sense 6 Launcher for 4.2 ROMs [Launchers]

Hi Friends!

Do you admire the HTC’s Sense 6 launcher and always wanting it for your phone. Then, please, this post will satisfy your desires.

EndeavorU has brought this great launcher with almost all the features of the HTC Sense 6.
I bet you will love it if you don’t hate HTC’s Launcher

This Launcher is in BETA stage and works on 4.2 ROMs.

First view the screenshots, then you will come to know what I am talking about.

Click the Images to make them larger! Did I need to tell you this?

Imagine these on your phone. Would you not like it.

Note: To make the Status Bar transparent, then you would have to install Xposed framework

No, Don’t thank us, thank EndeavorU & his Team!


Make a backup of your current ROM. —-> it’s very important.

Push all the files in system/apps. Remember to set the permissions to -rw-r–r– .

You can install it as a normal app, if it doesn’t make conflict with signs.
PRISM 1 / PRISM :Push firstly Prism(it is in the principal directory), then Prism (it is in Prism1 folder)
Add Blinkfeed as Home.
Flash , then install Prism1 as a normal app.
Add Blinkfeed as Home.



FC of (weather sync) and Service Pack
***Tested with Revo 33.1 and stock(=deoxed) rom. ***

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