Tuesday , 17 July 2018
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[Game] BloodLand Armv6

BloodLand – Armv6 compatible

Hey! “Do you want that only zombies surround you? There is no cure, only you and your weapon. You need to find a way to survive in this world.”

If Yes, you had reach the right place.

Not only this, if you want all these things to happen in your armv6 devices, then download this game and enjoy this game which will work in your armv6 devices as well. Other wise you know these types of games generally do not work well in the devices having armv6.

Now if you already know about this game then proceed to download it and start enjoying.

But if  you want to know everything about this game, then;

Read the following Google Play Description:

Only zombies surround you. There is no cure, only you and your weapon. You need to find a way to survive in this world. You must kill them all.
Unlock new weapons and cool killing bonuses during “Quests” mode:

– 20 amazing locations each with its own atmosphere and cool soundtrack.

– Every zombie is unique he/she can be fast as beast or slow but powerful or even throw you poisoned energy ball.

– New killing bonuses and weapons during quests.

– Hordes of zombies trying to kill you.

– You should kill them all.

Additional Modes:
“Rush” mode – Kill as many zombies as you can. Everyone counts, and you should show them all who is the boss.
“Survive” mode – Stay alive as long as you can. How long can you survive against hordes of deadliest zombies.
Controls :
Learn how to play during “Training”. Or just hold on dual joysticks and begin the zombie apocalypse, don’t forget to kick zombies with “Attack” button.

If just the description doesn’t satisfies you, then;

View the following Google Play BloodLand’s Game-Play Screenshots:

Click on the image to view larger screenshots

My Reviews about this Game:

A good going game, but without a storyline and not so great graphics, yet enjoyable if you like killing zombies. Few bugs which makes the gaming experience level low.
“But beware! killing zombies is not an easy task”
I am saying this because in this game shooting is not quite easy.
You could have reviews and ratings unlike me.

I give this game : ★/5; an extra one for “zombies”

-Hits Vashisht

So, now you have known quite a bit about this game. The Real Experience will be by playing the game.

Lets Proceed to Download.

Download Link: (armv6 devices) :

Bloodland armv6 Devices (48.3 MB)

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