Tuesday , 19 June 2018
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Moto X Charging LED Control – No Tasker Needed! [v1.4]

[APP][ROOT] Moto X Charging LED Control – No Tasker Needed! [v1.4]

by StephenMilone

So, after seeing a few posts of people complaining about having to buy Tasker just to turn on the LED. I decided to help those people out and create a simple app that runs the shell command to turn on the LED on our Moto Xs

Once the requirement of the phone being plugged in for the LED to turn on is bypassed, this app could become a whole lot more. But that’s a big road block.

In the meantime this will simply turn on your LED based on the setting chosen and based on whether your battery is fully charged or not. This app was designed for the Moto X only (4.4 rooted) but has been confirmed to work on the new DROIDs too (Maxx & Ultra)


  • Select an option for the LED: heartbeat (pulses like a heartbeat), battery-charging (solid while charging), battery-full (solid when full), battery-charging-or-full (solid when plugged in), mmc0 (pulses based on disk reads/writes)
  • Select a brightness.
  • Save if you want to use your choice for when the device is charging or it’s battery full – or hit both buttons to save it for both scenarios.
  • Scroll down and select if you want it to the apply your settings on boot then hit the execute button

Change log:

1.4 – No more crashes =)
1.3 – Fixed 1.2 issue of it not automatically switching from charging to full (hopefully – i haven’t had time to fully charge my device to test)
1.2 – Added ability to pick different settings for battery charging and battery full
1.1 – Added Brightness options
1.0 – Initial Release 




File Type: apk MotoXLED_1.4.apk – (84.6 KB)

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